Born with an intricate mind and creative hands, Vilia Ciputra started VILICI – Artisanal Contemporary & Intentions Jewelry on March 2009.

Human emotions, experiences and the concept of energy + life + death, have always been fascinating to her. She believes that art heals, art communicates, and that art is one of the most important fundamental aspect of life.

Creating artworks is not only a passion to her. It is a part of her lifetime purpose. To her, art is another way of understanding life, when words feel too limited.

At VILICI, we believe that jewelry is a part of wearable art, which heals, empowers, communicates and creates growth + evolution within everyone involves, including the artisans, the viewers, and the wearers.

We tried our best to: – Source and manufacture locally by manufacturing 100% in Indonesia and 80% materials locally sourced. – Empower female artisans and workers by having 95% rate of female members, increasing their skill set, awareness, and improving their life qualities. – Equal and fair payment + treatment to all parties involved. – Environmentally friendly by using less plastic, less paper, minimalist packaging and efficiency effort on every level of our business practice.

Art changes and evolves life, and we hope VILICI will, too. Thank you for trusting and purchasing from Vilici and be with us along the journey.

E: viliaciputra@gmail.com WA: +62 898 074 9898

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