It was my birthday on the third year of junior high. My best friends who turns into sisters now, gave me this ring as a present.

I believe it was @feroniachandra's idea, and purple definitely was @xufenny's fave color back then, and I believe this style was chosen by @priscaedwards 😋 Oh, I'm not forgetting you @welly.suryana our only brother, but I sincerely doubt you have participate on this in any possible way 🤔 lol.

It has been like..what..22 years? Still in a good shape and pristine condition. I rarely wear it these days, but it still got cleaned and all, whenever I do the cleaning routine.

It will always be with me, just like all of the great memories of junior high that I spent with them. All those naughty and badass moments, silly jokes and trolls, crazy school competitions and weekly cooking time, night calls and heavy laughs during the stay overs. Irreplaceable moments all came out just by one look into this ring. 🤗❤️

I suddenly wanna listen to Lemon Tree by Fools Garden lol.

Jewelry has always become a close part of mine, and this is one of the reasons why.

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