Family Heirloom


This is one of the only two rings that my mom gave me to be kept as family heirlooms, right before she sold most of her collections, few months after the 1998 riots.

It was chaos, my dad's factory and offices were burnt totally. Everything he earned and owned for 40+ years, almost all gone in few hours, that she need to sell most of what she owned back then for us to survive.

So, this ring has many memories with it. First was my dad's memories when he bought it for my mom. Secondly, my mom's memories when she received and wore it before she gave it to me. Then, my memories of why my mom gave it to me, what happened during those days, what it means to me, and lastly is the memories of when I wear it until the time it moves to someone else's belonging.

One little and simple ring, that acts as a time and memories capsule to me.

Jewelry has always become a close part of mine, and this is one of the reasons why.

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