Limoncello is one of my favorite beverage-to-go when I want to embrace the moment with splashes of lemon, colour blast, and a refreshing hint mood. And I think we all need this kind of mood now.

Though travel is still not being encouraged, we are still able to enjoy the mood and put some of the cheers and smiles on our days.

Make a virtual cocktail party with closest friends, dress to the max for the sake of celebrating each other in our lives, and share the life in a positive notes. Distance is never a problem until the heart says so.

Here, again, I use digital design, photography and editing to combine the artworks with 3D models, and show you how will those pieces fit when you wear them. We should embrace, evolve, and use the technology efficiently, right? 😉

Anyway, you can view and purchase the collection here 👇🏻

View the complete collection of Limoncello Collection

PS: This collection only able to be shipped to Indonesia and Japan. 🙏🏻

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