Lucky & Blessed

Lucky and blessed

I was talking with someone close to me about the year 2020 and how it impacts my life a lot.

It is the year that I made a lot of changes to adapt to. The year that I learnt the most on many different fields which I never could before.

Also the year that gave me the time that I need to really be alone, fix my things, catch up with what I procrastinated before, make a clear plan about how I want my life to be, give more time and attention to my family, and the most important one is; the year that nudge my conscience of what I really want to prioritize in my life.

This is also the year that I get so many new friends from around the world, and many of them became my mentors on different fields.

We both then laugh and agreed that we are lucky and blessed to have each other and to be here now in 2020.

It was a really nice feeling, and the feeling lingers much longer than usual. I thought, maybe this feeling wants me to solidify it, so here they are.

Lucky & Blessed • A Humble Collection • Not for runway, not for show, not to flaunt any glamour side. Just a humble collection to act as a daily reminder of the good side of 2020 and how lucky and blessed we all are.

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