I encountered minimalism plus alternative living around three years ago, and became a practitioner ever since. I stripped off every facades in my life, tap into myself and try to be really raw with the life that I want to have.

Of course that leads to many soul searching, disagreement, arguments, letting go, and learning process while gaining as well on different parts of life. But overall, I could say it was the best decision that I ever made; to really own my life instead of wrapping it nicely with the opinion and wishful thinking of my ancestors.

One question that almost always being asked by people who just knew me being a minimalist will be: “How about your jewelry? How do you store them? Did you throw them away?”

Actually, that is a common misconception of being a minimalist. While yes, it means to simplify your life by having less stuff, but it doesn't mean you get rid of everything that you love. It simply means, choose wisely of what you love and keep them, then get rid of the rest that don't give any added value to your life.

So, if you are a make up artist and love your make ups, go ahead keep them and get rid of other things that you don't really need. Or if books bring you joy, go ahead keep your books, but get rid of your old baggy shirts and magazines.

To me, art and jewelry are what brings me joy the most, so I keep them with me. While I realize that I don't really like make up, and I prefer e-book lately than a physical book. So I get rid of them from my life and never buy any of them anymore.

So now, not only that I know what makes me happier, but I know what to keep and I also know where I wanna spend my money in the future. To have a meaningful life.

Are you willing to try minimalism for your life? :)

Picture: @humphreyandgrace

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