Perfectly Me


Being perfectly me with my imperfections, doesn't mean that I will only accept myself and won't do anything to change to be a better me.

Instead, it means that I acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, I notice my opportunities and threats, and I calculated the risks, efforts, and what I will gain from every decision and changes that I made.

It means, I realize that every decision and changes that I make will have pros and contras with them. I know I'm not perfect and I won't satisfy everyone. I'm neither aiming for a perfect solution nor to be perfect, but I do aim and giving my best to get the best results that I could fight for, with all of the imperfections that I have.

To be perfectly me means to do my best despite whatever my imperfections and circumstances are. And that's how I hope the owner of this necklace will always feel, whenever she wears it; being perfectly herself, blessed with the imperfections that made her the woman she is, now.

Perfectly Me • Necklace Amethyst, Yellow Jade, Agate, Onyx, Middle East Crystals, Metal alloys. 100% handmade in Indonesia

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